An acknowledged expert in Fine Watchmaking and High Jewellery, Chopard stands for Contemporary and
Ethical creations. Proud of its values and traditions, our Maison is renowned for providing a Familiy Spirit Experience.


Family is the very heart of Chopard, representing its foundation, history and contemporary embodiment: it is the hero and herald of the Maison – yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Scheufele family, succedding the Chopard family, represents the founding myth and unifying symbol of the Maison. Its members express the strength of kinship, solidarity and the ability to develop the firm in an enduring, consistent and fruitful manner. The family spirit stands for a sense of tradition, by exemplifying the permanence of the company origins, throughout its history and in the present; across several generations. This same spirit epitomises the human dimension governing both internal and external relations.


The Maison’s independence has guided its development strategy since its founding, an approach made possible by a family shareholding structure. This is expressed through the watch industry’s highest level of vertical integration. Everything sold by Chopard is made in one of its three production sites, a unique phenomenon within the profession. This policy goes hand in hand with a culture of craftsmanship.

Today, more than 50 skills are mastered within the workshops of the Maison, including some of the rarest and the most complex. They enable a freer and more innovative creative expression, combined with a constant quest for excellence, thereby guaranteeing the highest standard of quality.


Audacity and creativity are the source of Chopard’s innovation and originality. They meet and merge when work and inspiration combine as a driving force, underpinning the perseverance and determination shown in the vibrant day-to-day life of the Maison, its winning and adventurous attitude and culture of courage.

These values determine the entrepreneurial dimension along with determination to move ahead to take fresh challenges, including industrial ventures such as the creation of Chopard Manufacture, they suffuse the artistic dimension, which embraces heritage while constantly looking to the future, guided by the tastes, passions and talents of the Scheufele Family.

Through a dynamic approach to cutting-edge Research & Developpement, which serves to explore and develop processes and materials that are unprecedented on the market, Chopard’s creative audacity drives a new technical dimension.


Coveted by every film director on the planet, each year the Palme d’or honours the best film screened at the Cannes International Film Festival. Redesigned in 1998 by Caroline Scheufele, it has since become a radiant symbol of the love story uniting Chopard with the most glamorous film festival in the world. In addition to the Palme d’or for the best feature film and the mini Palme for the best short film – both made in ethical ‘Fairmined’ certified gold – the Maison’s workshops also produce rock crystals engraved with a palm branch for all the other awards, making Chopard the artisan of all these prestigious official prizes and catalysts in their own right of a wealth of emotions.


It all began in 1997 when Caroline Scheufele met Pierre Viot, then director of the Cannes International Film Festival. While she was attentively examining the trophy displayed in Pierre Viot’s office, he invited her to redesign a fresh interpretation of the Palme d’or. For this keen film-lover, it was a new challenge that she took up with great enthusiasm, devoting her boundless inspiration and creativity to one of the film industry’s most sought-after awards. The following year, at the closing ceremony of the 1998 Cannes Festival, the new Palme d’or was unveiled to the world in the form in which it still exists today.


Designed in Chopard’s jewellery ateliers in 1998, the precious palm is every inch an Haute Joaillerie creation. The Palme d’or, whose motif is a direct nod to the palm trees lining the famous Croisette and to the Cannes coat-of-arms evoking the famous legend of Saint Honorat, is made of 118 grams of ethical Fairmined-certified 18-carat yellow gold. As if ruffled by a gentle breeze, its exquisite leaves appear to have settled for a brief moment, while the base of the branch forms a small heart, a tribute paid by Caroline Scheufele to a beloved symbol of the Maison, the Big-Hearted jeweller. Finally, the Palme d’or rests on a dainty rock crystal cushion shaped like an emerald-cut diamond. This ultimate detail makes each trophy truly unique, since nature never yields two identical rock crystals. Five Chopard artisans devote no less than 40 hours to hand-crafting the Festival’s most coveted treasure.


Over the past few decades, Chopard has expressed the quintessence of glamour through the creation of unique Haute Joaillerie items adorning the greatest film stars. Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Freida Pinto, Fan Bing Bing, Zhang Ziyi, Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Deneuve and Jane Fonda, to mention but a few, have all dazzled on the red carpet wearing Haute Joaillerie treasures crafted by Chopard. Certain images remain etched in collective memory. Many will notably recall Angelina Jolie in 2007, resplendent on the red carpet in a yellow gown enhanced with daffodil diamonds. And how could one forget the natural and disarming beauty of Julia Roberts, on her first appearance at the 2016 Cannes Festival, strolling around barefoot with her decolletage illuminated by a necklace set with a magnificent emeralds?


For Chopard, genuine luxury is synonymous with Ethics as well as with environmental and social responsibility, at all levels of its activity and with regard to its employees, its suppliers, its customers and indeed the planet itself. The Maison adopts an ethical approach to its activities that involves controlling the origin of the raw materials it uses as well as production methods – all of which is achievable because of its complete independence and vertical integration.

Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and its “Journey to Sustainable Luxury”; the Maison has committed to a partnership with Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM); use of Ethical Gold; the Green Carpet Collection; the RJC certificate for the Maison and its suppliers; adherence to the Kimberley Process, Minergie, etc.

Chopard is a pioneering leader in this field, thereby testifying to its strong involvement in contemporary matters and its keen awareness of social and environmental issues. The Maison thereby strives to make all its clients aware of the challenges of responsible luxury as well as encouraging the entire profession to improve sourcing and production criteria across the board.



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